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Ceramic Bowl inserts using Mandala themed artwork

We can produce bespoke exotic wood bowls 8 inches up to 10 inches in diameter featuring the mandala artwork of your choice. Turned Bowls cost typically 30 to 50 UK pounds plus postage dependent on the exotic wood cost. Timescales are normally 2 weeks from date of order. Each bowl is central heating stabilised and polished with carnauga and beeswax. Carnauga wax is the hardest known natural wax and is derived from the the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera (Synonym: Copernicia cerifera), from Brazil. The mandala themes are specified by a letter code (below)to be quoted when ordering. Available woods include Oak, Ash, Yew, Elm, Padauk, Beech, Zebrano, Bubinga, Walnut and Maple.


8 inch beech bowl with mandala artwork ceramic base


7 inch oak bowl with mandala artwork ceramic base


    Artwork A & B.


    Artwork C & D


    Artwork E & F.


    Artwork G & H.


    Artwork I & J.


    Artwork K & L.


    Artwork M & N.


    Artwork O & P.


    Artwork Q & R.


    Artwork S & T.

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