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Tiles Fired with Photographic "On Glaze" Decals

Photographic images are produced from customer artwork by a colour ceramic lazer toner process. These can be placed on single fired (thin glaze) domestic white tiles yielding a slightly matt glazed surface. Best quality is obtained using more expensive double fired glazed tiles. Good finish normally obtained on dipped glaze plates and mugs etc.
A digital photograph image can be segmented onto muli-tile sets provided that an image resolution adequate for 300dpi reproduction can be obtained on each segmented tile.We can advise of the biggest tile array which can be accommodated from a given raw image without noticeable pixcellation. All decal artwork is kiln fired.

We can obtain fancy ceramic decals to cover most artistic situations so if you need kitchen or bathroom features such as splashbacks or wall murals or simply want a puffin on a plate, please contact us. We can email artwork samples to agree a design suitable for your needs.

Tall Ship Race 30 x 20 cm tile (fired decal)

Tactile Decal Artwork 3D Water Droplets

          Very High Quality Oak Framed Decal Artwork


    Cats on mug (fired decal)               Fishes on 10" dia plate


    Decals combined with hand painted images on 150mm square tiles.


    Pair of Tea Clippers with Sapele Wood circular frames.


   porcelain plates and plaques with fish & butterfly designs.

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