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Bespoke Tilesets and inset Picture Tiles

We can produce tilesets suitable for kitchen splashbacks or bathroom features. Any image can be considered or we can paint one to order. Preferred tile size is 150mm square (6") but we can accommodate tile sizes up to 300mm square.
Send us the tile of your choice and we will attempt to fire the image of your choice onto it.


4 x 3 tileset (150mm x150mm tiles) Ships through the ages.

Depending on splashback size, we can ensure a unique ship image on each tile.

1 x 3 tileset (250mm x 200mm tiles) Undersea Scene


Sample 2 x 6 tileset (150mm x 150mm white tiles) Seascape


Sample (250mm x 200mm white tile) Hedgehog and Dancing Toadstools (framed)


(250mm x 200mm tiles) Camel Train & Angelfish


(250mm x 200mm tiles) Sea Scene & Bear



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